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Paradise Lyrics
Paradise Lyrics (music and lyrics by Kit and Chrisstina Perri)
I've been searching the sea,
for a place for you and me.
Where we can live in harmony
Together, forever
I've been trying so hard to find,
the place you've had in mind.
So we can be away for the world's harm of way.
And I think I found just the right place
Come take me by the hand,
I'll be your girl and you'll be my man,
in Paradise, in Paradise.
I'll show you what you wanna see,
as long as you just come with me.
To paradise, to paradise
With me.
Ooooooooooo,oooo,ooooo,ooooo With me
I know you wanna be,
With no one but you and me.
So we can sit together by the sea
I know all you wanna do,
is sit with me by the moon.
And if you come with me we can make that happen.
And I think I found just the right place.
Come take me by the hand,
I'll be your girl and you'll be my man,
in Paradise, in Paradise.
I'll show you what you wanna see,
as long as you just come with me.
To paradise, to paradise
With me.
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Fire in the Sky, chapter I
It was a hard day out on the farm. I was in the middle of harvesting the dead crops of corn when my father ran up to me.
“Sweetie” he said, “it’s time for the reaping, go inside”
  Every year since I was 12 I have gone to the district 11 reaping, and this year my sister will go too. When I walked inside our little farmhouse I saw my younger sister. Her beautiful dark brown hair in a side ponytail. She wore a pretty white dress, the one I made. Even though we are District 11 I know how to do many things. I can sew and I know how to manage livestock and technology. I ran into my room and got on my nice white shirt and my yellow shirt and I put some leggings under that. I decided to leave my hair down. My sister and I walked to the reaping square. We all sat down. I looked around and spotted my best friend, Jack.
 “Kate wait here” I whispered, “I’ll be right back” I pushed through the crowd and finally found Jack.
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Bianca Lewis CHBRP app
Name: Bianca Lewis
Hometown: San Francisco, California
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 7"
Birthday: October 31st, 1998
Zodiac: Scorpio
Position: Head counselor of Hades
Hair Color: Black
Hair Type: Wears in a Katniss braid, has a red streak
Eye color: Brown
Eye Sight: None
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Scars: None
Skin color: Pale
Clothing: Wears black graphic t-shirts, torn jeans, always wears a leather jacket and a camouflage hat.
Traits: Mysterious, determined, easily offended, goth/punk.
Flaws: Letting other people get the best of her
Good Habits: She is a good helper
Bad Habits: Her flaws
Fears: Spiders
Why do they have these fears?: She just hates them
Life goals: To find a way to resurrect the dead
Favorite Food: Spagetti
Least Favorite food: Salad
Favorite Drink: Root Beer
Least Favorite Drink: Lemonade
Favorite Color: Black/Red
Least Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Scent: Cherries
Favorite Sound: Laughter
Favorite Sight: Her family
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Eliana Brown app
Name: Eliana Brown
Hometown: New York City
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 8"
Birthday: February 17th, 1992
Zodiac: Aquarius
Position: Head counselor of Aphrodite
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Type: Long with a red streak, rumor has it that streak is blood.
Eye color: Icy blue
Eye Sight: Sometimes wears colored contacts to make her eyes look purple.
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Ears
Scars: A small scar on her cheek, she covers it up with makeup.
Skin color: pale
Clothing: Normally wears rose patterned shirts and skirts with gym shoes.
Traits: Friendly, reliable, is a total neat freak.
Flaws: Sometimes she doesn't think about what she says.
Good Habits: She is very nice to everyone
Bad Habits: Her flaws
Fears: Being embarrassed in public
Why do they have these fears?: She's a daughter of Aphrodite, why wouldn't she?
Life goals: To win a Grammy
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Least Favorite food: Peppers
Favorite Drink: Cherry Coke
Least Favorite Drink: Sparkling Water
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Caramela Churro (Cece) by ShinyForests Caramela Churro (Cece) :iconshinyforests:ShinyForests 2 0 Valentines day card by ShinyForests Valentines day card :iconshinyforests:ShinyForests 1 0
Lauren Lychii CHBRP app
Name: Lauren Lychii
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 6"
Birthday: August 9th, 1997
Zodiac: Leo
Position: Head Counselor of Apollo Cabin
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Hair Type: Medium wavy, one pink streak
Eye color: Green
Eye Sight: Is blind in one eye
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Scars: None
Skin color: Pale with lots of face freckles
Clothing: Graphic tees, sweaters, jeans, and CHB t-shirt.
Traits: Very Creative and different.
Flaws: They are yet to be discovered
Good Habits: They are yet to be discovered....
Bad Habits: None
Fears: Cyclopses
Why do they have these fears?: A cyclops almost killed her once and made her blind in one eye.
Life goals: To write a bestseller
Favorite Food: Pizza
Least Favorite food: Mushrooms
Favorite Drink: Cherry ICEE
Least Favorite Drink: Lemonade
Favorite Color: Sky blue
Least Favorite Color: green
Favorite Scent: Hibiscus
Favorite Sound: Fire crackling
Favorite Sight: The sun
:iconshinyforests:ShinyForests 0 0
Camp-Hlafblood Rp sheet sample
Name: Bailey Spark
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 9"
Birthday: July 31, 1991
Zodiac: Leo/ Sheep
Position: Director
Hair Color: Light chestnut Brown
Hair Type: Medium length, wavy hair, one gold streak.
Eye color: Green
Eye Sight: None
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Scars: One small scar on ankle, received in battle with the Neman Lion.
Skin color: pale
Clothing: CHB T-shirt with a brown sweater, graphic tees, ripped jeans, bandanas, gyn shoes.
Traits: Energetic, kind, friendly, brave.
Flaws: Fighting (or arguing) with her friends.
Good Habits: Is very friendly
Bad Habits: Lets her guard down easily
Fears: Heights
Why do they have these fears?: She fell off a cliff once.
Life goals: To become the greatest director
Favorite Food: Corn
Least Favorite food: Broccoli
Favorite Drink: Cream soda
Least Favorite Drink: Sparkling water
Favorite Color: Gold
Least Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Scent: Bananas
:iconshinyforests:ShinyForests 0 0
CHB RP app
Birthday: (include year)
Zodiac: (Chinese or any other I don't care)
Position: (are you a camper or counselor)
Hair Color:
Hair Type: (Here you put extra hair stuff, how long is your hair? Do you dye it?)
Eye color:
Eye Sight: (does your character have any glasses or contacts?)
Tattoos: (if your character has none then say "none" is he/she does then put what it is and where it is)
Piercings: (if your character has none then say "none" if he/she does then say where it is)
Scars: (if none say "none" if you do, then tell us where is it and how long is it, if you can include how he/she got it)
Skin color:
Clothing: (we know your character has more then one outfit but what does he/she normally wear?)
Good Habits:
Bad Habits:
Why do they have these fears?:
Life goals:
Favorite Food:
Least Favorite food:
Favorite Drink:
Least Favorite Drink:
Favorite Color:
Least Favorite Color:
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Kaijin Eats Menu
Kaijin Eats Menu
Appetizers and side dishes
  :bulletblack:  Berry Shiskabob
Five to ten berries on a stick. Available in crab apple, cherry, mistletoe, blueberry, lime, red grape, purple grape, green grape, and lemon. +1 mood point
   :bulletblack: Leaf Sticks
twenty long sticks of pure leaf, available with hone and lime sauce. +2 mood points
    :bulletblack: Potato Rolls
three to five rolled potatoes. Available with honey or cherry dip. +1 mood point
   :bulletblack: Nature Bred
Regular bred with a nature kick. Can have grass, bark, or berries sprinkled in. +3 mood points
   :bulletblack: Potato Pancakes
Your regular potato pancakes. Is available with honey or maple syrup. +1 mood point
   :bulletblack: Fruit Bowl
A bowl of whatever berries you would like. Is available with honey and lime sauce. +3 mood points.
   :bulletblack: Andy's Special
ten berries of your choice wrapped inside a leaf. Ava
:iconshinyforests:ShinyForests 2 2
Kaijn Eats logo by ShinyForests Kaijn Eats logo :iconshinyforests:ShinyForests 1 6
PMD app
Me and my best friend Kari walked up to a tall building, we could barely look up because the rain was pounding down on our face. Kari moaned because she was badly hurt in a battle, I groaned because I was carrying both mine and her backpack,
"You know if you didn't bring so much stuff this would've been a lot faster" I said very annoyed, but I had to forgive her, the I noticed what the building was, "I think this is the place" I quickly walked up the the door and knocked on it and as soon as I knocked the door flung open as quick as lightning.

Come in, come in! My goodness, come in! I can’t believe you’ve all been waiting outside in the rain all this time! You could have knocked earlier, you know!
I sighed with relief and my friend moaned, we were both relived, but freaked out, first of all the Pokemon in front of us was a Ninetails, Kari's evolved form, and second of all how quick he opened the door but I didn't mention either.
My name is Callahan, or Call
:iconshinyforests:ShinyForests 1 6
Leaf Ball Soup by ShinyForests Leaf Ball Soup :iconshinyforests:ShinyForests 1 0 Berry Shish kabob by ShinyForests Berry Shish kabob :iconshinyforests:ShinyForests 0 1 Kaijin Salad by ShinyForests Kaijin Salad :iconshinyforests:ShinyForests 0 2 Leaf Sticks by ShinyForests Leaf Sticks :iconshinyforests:ShinyForests 0 0
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Hey guys, I'm broke in points, so I'm begging you to donate me some points, it will go for a good cause, I will start point commissions and make epicer DA muro drawing, so plz donate! So a simple 320 points will do,
my friend's group warriorsrp10 wants to be a supergroup, so the 10,000 points is for them and the 320 is for me, plz donate!
this is also where you pay for my adoptables

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ShinyForests's Profile Picture
United States
Hola!!!!! My name is Kit, but most people call my Kitty. I am a great digital artist, singer, musician, storywriter, and athlete!!! I am 18 years old and I have many sibilings, Mandy, Crissy, and Matt. I am on the highschool soccer team which is really fun!! I am a great goalie too! I also wear glasses so mind me for some spelling mistakes, it's really hard to spell when your glasses are kind of fogged up. I also am a natural strawbery blonde and have pride in my red hair!


So... I've never heard the song Rave Girl, but, I like this picture, I have never seen ANYONE draw a cat dancing, especially with heart...

by Stalcry

This picture has amazing artwork! Great details, it's so alive I feel like I'm running here in that picture! Also, in the picture the d...

Hi everyone~ This is AngelheartTheWarrior speaking for my friend here. And I have a not-so-fun announcement.
ShinyForests, our fun Kit, is leaving DeviantART.


If you've noticed, both me and her have become less active in the time we've been in here--I've managed to pull myself back up, but it gets hard. The only thing that kept me back when I was returning was, honestly, Realm-of-Cecatl and it's owner, DragonPud. (I'm not ashamed to say that.)

But for her, there was really nothing left on here to stay with. She's told me that she's not going to come back here for multiple reasons, some of which don't need to be put up here.

Needless to say, she is

not coming back, and you cannot convince her.

However, there is one thing that she wants to say to everyone.

She's friends with all of you, and wants each of you to get better at artwork. She's sorry for everyone who was friends with her--like Stardust-Phantom--who are seeing her go.

However, Kit's sister turned 13 some time ago (August 21st) and recently opened up a dA page, which you can find at TreeofTrozei. She's also sharing it with me, but I'm really only there to give short updates from Kit.

Again, you cannot convince her to stay, since she has already left.. I'm just here to inform you that she has.

And once again, I will be giving short updates from Kit on TreeofTrozei, so I'd recommend you go watch there.

It's like she's... semi-moving accounts.

Sorry for this long and sad entry, but I just wanting to say what was slowly becoming a grim reality.

AngelheartTheWarrior, finishing up what needed to be done.



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